It sounds like it might be a punchline in a Seinfeld episode - a street intersection so odd sounding it has to be comical.

In the world of Seinfeld, Kramer found himself in unfamiliar territory in downtown Manhattan at First Street and First Avenue, the corner now famously known as the Nexus of the Universe.

In Michigan, that odd intersection has a home in Jackson where West North Street meets North West Street.

Both North Street and West Street are major thoroughfares through Jackson so North Street has an East North and a West North while West Street has a North West and South West.

It is at this intersection where North West meets West North that the jokes begin. Whether it's the Seinfeld gag or North West, the child of Ye and Kim Kardashian.

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The corner was spotted and shared to a roadgeek themed group on Facebook. That's when the jokes began but also other similar intersections. There are a few cities around American where North West and West North meet.

And there are some other street oddities in Michigan as well. In Walled Lake you'll find East West Maple Road. Just north of there, in Commerce Township Commerce Road meets Commerce Road. Huh? You just have to see it.

It's unlikely that North West and West North lead to much confusion for locals, but it certainly is good for a small chuckle from out of towners.

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