Many Michiganders dream of having a place 'up north' whatever that means to you. That dream would likely include any plot of land in Northern Michigan or the Upper Peninsula. What if that land came with its own waterfall. There really aren't many waterfalls in the state to begin with and even fewer on private land. So to own one would really make you UP-bougie.

The property, which was recently listed via Zaks Reality is over 25 acres of land with a rustic cabin located in the far western Upper Peninsula near the city of Bessemer in Gogebic County. The land does include what's known as Powderhorn Falls.

Check out this video of a flyover the falls:

The waterfall, thought it would be on your land, it well known to waterfalls enthusiasts. The falls are on Powderhorn Creek, a tributary of the Black River. The drop if an impressive 15 feet into a little pool below. GreatLakesWaterfalls describes the cascade as

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a small but scenic waterfall hidden amidst a number of larger, easier to visit falls. If you a looking for a quick adventure, it is worth a visit, but if you are pressed for time visit the Black River Falls instead....

It's also well hidden and not the easiest to find and hike to

there are no signs identifying its location. Visiting it requires you to climb down into a steep gorge (there were some ropes to help) and you have to cross the creek to get a good look of the falls. If this sounds like too much work, Gabbro Falls is much larger and much easier to visit.

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So, what do you say, could the dream of getting away Up North mean your own waterfall? Thought you may own it, it sounds like you may have to share it with sightseers who may be stumbling around your piece of paradise. Oh and the asking price - $299,900.

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