Detroit-style pizza has been having a moment nationally for a few years. People around America have been discovering the boxy-deep dish rectangles. But some say the best pizza to be found in the Detroit area is not this style but across the river in Windsor, Ontario.

This Candian specialty is found only in this one city and it rivals any pizza made across the border.

It is possible for the same metropolitan area to have multiple pizza styles. Chicago is well known for is deep-dish pizza. Locals, however, say they leave that for the tourists and true Chicagoans prefer a thinner style pizza - whether you call it 'Tavern Style' however is up for debate.

What Makes Windsor Style Pizza Different from Detroit Style Pizza?

So the Detroit area is also large enough for multiple pizza styles. Detroit-style pizza is square and cooked in metal pans giving a cheese and crust char on the edges. Some chains like Buddy's add two lines of sauce across the rectangle - it's an odd choice.

Windsor-style pizza is round and thin and defined by four key characteristics: cornmeal in the crust, shredded pepperoni, locally made cheese, and canned mushrooms.

Windsor-style Pizza is virtually unknown, however, across the border in Michigan. And that's the shame of the Detroit/Windsor area. Due to the international border and the hassles in crossing, there appears to be a deep and unsurmountable divide in the two cities.

Those who know Windsor-style love Windsor-style. From a commenter on the Pizzaholics group on Facebook, "The worst pizza place in Windsor would probably be the best anywhere else!"

Windsor Pizza may have a few rare ingredients that set it apart but it is most definitely pizza. Some of these odd pizza choices below, we're not so sure.

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