The man who roamed the Lions sidelines for nearly a decade in the late 1980s and early 1990s returned to the den in Detroit on Sunday (September 17) and Lions fans were full of emotion seeing former head coach Wayne Fontes.

WXYZ-TV personality Brad Galli shared an image of Fontes, now 83, being escorted on the sidelines. He was there to help commemorate his star running back Barry Sanders who was honored by a new statue of him outside Ford Field. Fontes was coach during most of Sanders's tenure in Detroit.

Fontes, though he gave the team its most recent playoff win, was just below .500 during his tenure with the team. Time, as it does, has a way of erasing any ill feeling towards the Fontes tenure in Detroit as the social media reaction was full of love and support:

Mr. Another One Bites the Dust himself...Love me some Wayne Fontes!!!

He’s such a great guy! I had a freshman high school paper to do and sent him a letter and he called me direct from the office on a Sunday evening to answer them. It was an overwhelming and awesome experience for sure. I’ll always be a fan

The Big Buck!

I am glad to see the franchise recognizing and honoring some of the people who worked so hard for this team, against so many obstacles, over so very many years.

Givem Hell Wayne Restore the Roar

He should come to every game after thanksgiving. That’s always when his magic would pour it on.

Wayne Fontes Predicted the Blue Ski Mask Trend

Why have Lions fans been donning blue balaclavas all over social media? It all started with CJ Garnder-Johnson wearing the mask in warmups.

Pride of Detroit gives the background on the trend:

So what’s the deal with the mask? What’s the significance?

“What did coach and Brad (Holmes) said? We’re villains, right?” Gardner-Johnson said.

He also wanted Lions fans to become part of the tradition, calling for all Lions fans to show up to Sunday’s home opener against the Seattle Seahawks wearing one.

Fontes was all over that years ago. Check out this image from a December game in 1993 outdoors at Soldier Field in Chicago:

Wayne Fontes
Getty Images

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