The United States Postal Service is set to release a new series of stamps celebrating Winter Woodland Creatures. Before they go on sale nationally, they will only be available at one tiny Post Office in West Michigan.

The stamps feature a deer, rabbit, owl and fox all in a woodland habitat during winter. The USPS says they're perfect for holiday greeting cards. (Holiday-themed stamps this year will also include snow globes.)

What makes them special to Michigan? It's the first day of issue location. The Postal Service sets the first day the stamps will be available for use and selects a Post Office location to have the honor of being the first place to see them. Stamp collectors often look forward to getting stamps with a postmark from the First Day of Issue Post Office, known as a First Day Cover.

Winter Woodland Creatures First Day of Issue

For the Winter Woodland Stamps, the First Day of Issue honor goes to the post office in, ...drumroll..., Woodland, Michigan. Zip Code 48897 if you need it. Woodland is a small village of 425 along M-43 in Barry County between Hastings and Lansing.

Below is the Woodland Post Office that will have the honor of being the only place in America to offer the Winter Woodland Animal stamps - at least for a day. The first day of issue for the new stamps is set for October 10.

Unfortunately, the USPS has not planned a ceremony at Woodland to commemorate the issue date.

Woodland Michigan Post Office
Google Maps Street View

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