I wish I had known about this when I moved to Michigan in 2022, though, I certainly may not have qualified.

You've likely heard of cities and even some states that pay people to move there. Oftentimes it's because a city is going through a revival or is surging economically on a local scale and wants to rapidly expand. For states, it is often more about job growth or overcoming dwindling populations.

Michigan has had a decline in population since 2002, so it's understandable that Michigan would be one of the states to incentivize out-of-staters to move to the Mitten State.

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In fact, Michigan is willing to pay between $5-10K for adopting a Michigan address.

Of course, not just anyone will get a check for moving to the Mitten State, as I know all too well. The caveat is the new Michigander's profession and is mostly applicable to prospective collegiate students and recent graduates.

Adopted in 2023, The Michigander Scholarship program pays a new Michigander who works in industries including computing, electronics, software development, or process engineering via scholarships or internships at participating companies.

Naturally, to be one of the program's 350 recipients, a 12-month commitment to living in Michigan must be accepted and honored.

It should come as no surprise, but this program has a lot to do with Michigan's auto industry. As the industry shifts to electric vehicles, Michigan needs workers educated in the new aspects of auto manufacturing.

That said, the program offers a great deal more than just the money as career opportunities and industry access are also valuable resources that come with participation. So, if you know a current or soon-to-be college student in a relatable field, you may want to let them know about the opportunities Michigan is offering.

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