There's nothing like the spectacle of live sports. The passion, the pageantry, and, of course, the ruthless vulgarity spewing from the mouths of half-drunken fans.

Well, not everyone enjoys that last bit, least of all a broadcaster trying to do his job in a family-friendly environment.

Bally Sports Detroit's broadcaster Johnny Kane set up a live standup shot to bring the audience back into Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City as the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals were tied 1-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Just a few words into his delivery, an unruly Royals fan began hurling f-bomb-laden insults at Detroit in an obvious attempt to have his vulgarity reach the live broadcast. Kane had to handle the situation.

The heckler threw Kane off his cadence. While the broadcast showed the next at-bat, Kane apologized and let out a frustrated "Doggone it" before returning to his planned segment on the Royals potentially relocating to a downtown location.

Kane mentions that he once covered the Royals, hence his personal presence for the story in the middle of the game. Kane took to his Twitter account to clarify the situation and express his love for both cities.

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Live entertainment is hard. Composing the words is often the least of a broadcaster's worries. That's usually the easy part that comes naturally to those with the gumption to stand in front of a camera surrounded by people in the stands to deliver a quick hit in the midst of a ballgame. Handling real-time situations and the unknown variables human interaction brings to the table separates the professionals from those that think the job is a luxury.

Hats off to Kane for handling the situation with poise.

Looking at the four Royals fans in Kane's shot, they all seemed to feel secondhand embarrassment thanks to that fan.

Awful Announcing on Twitter: @awfulannouncing
Awful Announcing on Twitter: @awfulannouncing

The Tigers won the game 6-4 to win the series in Kansas City. The Tigers will host a four-game series against the Chicago White Sox starting Thursday evening.

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