Here in Southwest Michigan, specifically Kalamazoo, the Big Banana Car is a local celebrity.

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I mean, it's a giant oversized banana on wheels-- what's not to love?!

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

Owner Steve Braithwaite a.k.a. "Ridiculous Steve" is originally from Oxfordshire, England but somehow he managed to find his way to Southwest Michigan of all places to bring one of his most "ridiculous" dreams to fruition. According to his website,

As a youngster, like a moth to the flame, he was attracted to all things yellow

So I guess that explains that....or does it?

About the Big Banana Car

Since 2011 Steve and his converted 1993 Ford pickup truck have traveled the country making various appearances in commercials, parades, and of course that includes stops at local ice cream shops to give free rides along the way.

Sometimes his travels even take him to Hollywood, like that time he let the cast of judges for America's Got Talent! take the banana for a spin!

Big Banana Car AGT
Talent Recap via YouTube

In a recent post to the official Big Banana Car Facebook page Steve shared,

A Big Banana Car FLASHBACK. My colleague, Tom Brown was driving the Big Banana Car driving around Hollywood in 2017. One of the judges of America's Got Talent saw it and asked if they could use it on their TV show.
See, even the Big Banana Car can bring a smile to infamous grump Simon Cowell's face. We love the Big Banana Car here in West Michigan and eagerly await its return from down South where it winters.
Now that the ice cream stands across the area have begun to open for the season, it's only a matter of time!

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