There's usually a lot of back and forth every year during Halloween season about the best candy to get in your trick or treat bag. While most kids have their favorites, any candy is arguably better than getting something like...hand sanitizer. And there are a list of other things that kids in Michigan are hoping not to find with their favorite candy and treats this Halloween.

The least preferred candy

There are a few candies on the list of the worst trick or treat items. The Root compiled a list of candies that are least preferred to receive on Halloween.

  1. Jelly Beans
  2. Black licorice
  3. Mints
  4. Leftover Candy

We have to agree that leftover candy is definitely not a good look when you're passing out Valentine's Day or Easter wrapped candies on Halloween.

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Other Food Items

The list also includes other food items with the worst being homemade items. While it used to be common to pass out homemade cookies, candy, or apples, it's definitely easier and more sanitary to stick with the pre-packaged sweets and treats. Other unwanted food items for trick or treaters include nuts, trail mix, raisins, and fruit.

Non-food items 

If trick or treating were for adults, a lot of us might not mind receiving some of these items in our trick or treat bags. Things like hand sanitizer and stationary and keychains. Maybe if you have those items to pass out, give them to the adults and let the kids get the candy. Other items on the list that we agree don't belong in the trick or treat bag are pennies and toothbrushes.

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