Thrill seekers in Michigan will want to make sure they cross this coaster off their bucket list this summer!

Part of a well-balanced Pure Michigan includes plenty of time spent on the shores of Lake Michigan, catching a Tigers game at Comerica Park, and hitting up the largest amusement park in the entire state.

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Michigan's Adventure - Muskegon, Michigan

Spanning over 250 acres in Muskegon County you'll find the one and only Michigan's Adventure.

via Google Maps
Michigan's Adventure via Google Maps

The amusement and water park is home to seven roller coasters including Wolverine Wildcat, Thunderhawk, and the infamous Corkscrew, but only one holds the record of tallest and fastest coaster in the entire state.

Having grown up in West Michigan I spent many childhood summers splashing around the waterpark and stuffing my face with Dippin' Dots at Michigan's Adventure, but just hearing the name of this coaster sends shivers down my spine:

Shivering Timbers!

Of its signature ride the amusement park says,

At a half-mile out and a half-mile back in just two minutes and 30 seconds, Shivering Timbers is a solid mile of pure adrenaline, excitement and fun!... this classic wooden roller coaster holds the record as the longest and fastest in the state...climb to a dizzying height of 125 feet and then plunge down a whopping 122 feet at a 55-degree angle, leaving your stomach far behind you.

The wooden roller reaches a top speed of around 65 mph meaning you feel every jolting twist and turn as you race along the track. Just thinking about a ride on Shivering Timbers makes my body ache-- if you know, you know.

Those in search of an extra thrill should make the trek to Sandusky, Ohio to visit sister-park Cedar Point. However, if you're hoping to live out your glory days with the newly revived Top Thrill Dragster-- Top Thrill 2-- you'll be disappointed to learn the after its long-awaited grand reopening the ride is now shut down indefinitely.

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