Thanksgiving is a time for feasting and indulging in delicious foods, particularly the iconic turkey. But, this traditional centerpiece on almost every Michigan Thanksgiving table generally gets a bad rap this time of year. Many people may experience a post-meal drowsiness that's also known as the 'turkey coma'. Which makes many of us need a post-meal nap. But, what if you have to skip the nap and get back on the road to your post-thanksgiving destination? Is it safe to drive after eating Thanksgiving turkey?

What is a 'Turkey Coma'?

Turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan which is often blamed for that post-meal drowsiness on Thanksgiving. The 'turkey coma' occurs as a result of increased blood flow to to the digestive system to aid in the digestion process. This diverts blood away from the brain, leading to feelings of lethargy, fatigue and reduced alertness. But, while the 'turkey coma' can occur on Thanksgiving, it's not just the turkey that's to blame. It's the combination of carbs, fats, and proteins consumed in large quantities that add to that sleepy feeling.

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Is it safe to drive after eating Thanksgiving turkey?

While driving in a drowsy state can be dangerous, there isn't enough in your Thanksgiving turkey to have that much of an affect on your driving than any other meal you eat throughout the year. According to Automoblog, following a few helpings of turkey, drivers can most likely exercise just the same levels of caution as they would after a normal dinner. The turkey nor the sizable portions of foods you might consume are likely to leave you drowsy enough to the point of interfering with your motor or cognitive skills.

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