The lengths this person went to find their missing dog is amazing and heartwarming.

Imagine being away at college and finding out that your family went to a funeral in the middle of nowhere Michigan, somewhere between Grand Rapids and Lansing, and lost your fur baby.  That happened to a person who goes by @realbalt on TikTok.  Realbalt recently went viral with a TikTok slide show explaining how their dog Finn got lost and what they did to find him.  Click here to see the video that has been viewed over 2.1 million times so far.

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Fin had an airtag on his collar.  However, airtags don't do much good unless someone was around Finn with the same technology that could update his location.  The family began searching for hours and hours on foot through the woods and swampy corn fields with no luck.  Finn's family lived 300 miles away.  It was no small feat to have everyone out looking for him so far from home.

Local farmers helped by setting up animal traps with food.  Then 3 drone pilots helped with the search as well.  One of those drones happened to be a $16 infrared camera drone.  Unfortunately, the drones were unable to find Finn.  Finn had been missing for 3 days and the family began to lose hope.  Then, a farmer's trail cam got a picture of him in Portland, Michigan.  Running on very little sleep they refuse to give up knowing Finn was likely cold, wet, and hungry.

After 5 days of endless searching and thousands of dollars worth of food, traps and drones, @Realbalt catches Finn in a trap in freezing temps at 2 AM.

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