I guess mother nature didn't get the memo.

Technically it's spring but we've still got snow in the forecast because that's #PureMichigan!

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Once again the Michigan Department of Transportation's "Paint the Plow" program returns to both encourage creativity and promote safe winter driving across the state.

How Does It Work?

Now in its second year MDOT says with the Paint the Plow program,

High school students are invited to paint creative, original artwork onto an MDOT snowplow blade that promotes a statewide safety theme. Snowplow blades will be visible during winter snow removal months on various state trunklines...throughout Michigan.

Yes, let's certainly liven up those dull boring snow plows! Winter is already drab enough.

Paint the Plow Michigan MDOT
2023: Olvid-Elsie High School via Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

How to Enter

Now through Friday, May 17 high schools across the state are asked to submit their designs for this year's theme, "Go hands-free. Just drive. It's the law." School faculty, not students, must fill the form on the MDOT website and included a mockup of the proposed design.

Schools will be notified if they have been selected to participate by late May and after the new school year begins in the fall MDOT will deliver, "an approximately 12-foot-long, 4-foot-high plow to a secure location at the school...at no cost." However, MDOT does not supply the paint or any other supplies used to decorate the plow.

Schools will have approximately 6 weeks to finish their snowplow before MDOT collects them and prepares them for the 2024 winter season. You'll then see these pretty plows all across the state through early 2025! Of the program MDOT University Region Engineer Greg Losch says,

Winter in Michigan brings a number of challenges, but providing safe roads in every winter event is a priority for MDOT...Any assistance sharing safety messaging and creating awareness about safe driving practices in the winter benefits our entire state, and I'm grateful to see this effort from a group of talented high school students

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