Staying out of the path of any storm in Michigan is the smartest thing we can do for our safety. And staying indoors is one of the best ways to stay safe. However, the CDC warns that some indoor activities during a thunderstorm in Michigan could be fatal.


CDC Warns Avoid Potentially Fatal Activity During Thunderstorms In MI

When it's raining outside and thunder follows in Michigan, lightning is close behind. According to The National Weather Service, lightning is the greatest potential harm during a thunderstorm. While it may seem obvious that the safest place to be during a thunderstorm is indoors, there is one activity to avoid completely while inside your home.

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According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), about one-third of lightning-strike injuries occur indoors and lightning can kill or injure in ways you would least expect it. One activity to avoid completely is bathing or showering during a thunderstorm. The CDC warns that lightning can travel through your home's plumbing and electrocute you. This is true even if you have plastic pipes. So it's best to avoid any contact with plumbing and running water during a lightning storm to reduce your risk of being struck. The CDC urges residents to avoid other indoor activities until after a storm passes including:

  1. Washing dishes
  2. Standing near windows, doors, porches and concrete
  3. Touching electronic equipment connected to an electrical outlet (i.e. computers, laptops, game systems, washers, dryers or stoves)
  4. Using corded phones

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Do Not Shower During A Thunderstorm and Other Thunderstorm Safety Tips

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