But why would you want to?!

After living in the Midwest for 7 years in states like Nebraska and Missouri, I was amazed at just how many Americans actually believe it's possible to see all the way across the Great Lakes. Uh, they're called great for a reason!

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Coming in at 118 miles across at its widest point you would think someone would have to be crazy to attempt to cross Lake Michigan with nothing but a paddle board, but what if I told you it can and has been done before?!

Milwaukee to Muskegon

In 2013 a trio of friends set out across Lake Michigan in an attempt to reach the other side in 30 hours or less.

Brothers Craig and Trent Masselink, along with their friend Ginny Melby, left the Milwaukee area on July 7th and began paddling to their destination of Muskegon in hopes of raising awareness and funds for the organization Restore International, a group that fights to protect youth in Uganda.

Amazingly the trio was able to accomplish their goal and complete their 80 mile trip in 23 hours--well under their 30 hour goal! The team estimates it took 50,000 strokes to paddle across the Lake. Craig told MLive,

For me this was physically exhausting but it was probably the most mentally exhausting thing I've ever done.

Photo by Hanif Mahmad on Unsplash
Photo by Hanif Mahmad on Unsplash

Has Anyone Else Ever Tried?

There have been several failed attempts to cross Lake Michigan: In 2014 a solo attempt was made by Jesse Hieb, but was cut short due to weather. In 2018 two men fell several miles shy of completing their journey along the same route from Milwaukee to Muskegon after facing terrifying conditions and thunderstorms.

However, in 2015 a group of 5 friends paddled from Algoma, WI to Frankfort, MI to raise money for an environmental non-profit.

Again, just because you can doesn't mean you should! These souls are definitely braver than I. Would you ever dare to attempt crossing Lake Michigan by paddle board?

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