Finally some good news!

After years of asking our wish has been granted. In spite of what seems like constant business closures we've finally received the news we've been waiting for: one of the nation's trendiest grocery stores is expanding its footprint in Michigan.

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With major retailers like Rite-Aid and Walgreens stores closing left and right, plus shake-ups like the Kroger/Albertsons merger, and the sudden closures of most B2 Outlets across West Michigan-- it's a sad state of affairs right now.

That's why the announcement of this new grocery location is actually welcome news here in Michigan!

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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Coming Soon:

According to the Spartan Newsroom plans for the new specialty grocer have been in motion since 2021 but reports the new Trader Joe's in East Lansing, Michigan is halfway finished.

Tim Schmit, Meridian Township community planning and development director, told the Newsroom,

They finished the parking lot before winter hit, so they could build during the winter and obviously a lot of exterior stuff to do in the spring, but they’re moving right along at this point


Local Reactions:

Despite the hold-ups on the business side of things, initial reactions from the public appear to be positive! Of the new storefront located along East Grand River Rd. here's why locals say they are exited to shop there:

  • "the incredible array of affordable flowers, the candied pecans, the grab-and-go salads, the wine selection, the atmosphere." - Nancy Vogl
  • "The flowers for suuuure! Just came back from the northville location! Can’t wait for it to be closer" - Shelbi Birdsall
  • "Their cheeses, turkey products, produce, specialty crackers, different & unique frozen foods, flowers, great cards and beer/wine." - Siri Clemetsen Rainone
  • "They have a French roast coffee that is easy on the stomach! I absolutely love it! I've driven to Ann Arbor just to get the coffee." - Kari Lynn Hodge

Grand Opening?

With the parking lot finished the building itself is finally taking shape with construction expected to ramp up through spring. The only thing the official Trader Joe's website says of its new East Lansing location is "Coming Soon!"

As of now there is no official grand opening date yet, but there are Facebook groups dedicated to following its progress.

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