Here in Michigan, Ohio has a reputation for being...not great.

To be honest, I don't get the hatred between the two states. Was it born of a sports team rivalry? Is this dating back to the Toledo War? I may never fully understand it.

However, for those who are truly disgusted by the state of Ohio, I might have something that could tempt you to visit the forbidden state: an incredible lodge.

The Cliffs at Hocking Hills

This place has been getting a lot of attention on social media, understandably so. I first came across it thanks to a Tiktok video revealing that this place comes with a PRIVATE waterfall:

That, alone, is enough to tempt me to travel across state lines. But, should you need to see more, check out the full tour below:

This Lodge Will Make Any Michigander Want to Travel to Ohio

While Michiganders normally avoid Ohio, this lodge may be enough to tempt them to visit the state.

See even more pictures and find information about booking here.

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