A regular complaint that you hear about all the time is wanting more affordable housing. It seems like any time an affordable housing apartment or condo hits the market, they aren’t very affordable, especially for people who are in the lower class.

The idea of affordable housing should just come down to the amount we are paying on rent every month, but I know everybody has their own situation they are dealing with. There are those out there who are trying to look out for people who are houseless or on the very low spectrum of low income. One of those places is Citizen Robotics.

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Citizen Robotics just finished work on Detroit’s first-ever 3-D printed home. The hope of this project was to teach young adults, how digital robotics and automation tools can be put to good use and build homes at a faster rate, as their website details:

We didn’t want to design the most cutting-edge 3d printed house out there, we wanted to show the people of Detroit that a 3d printed house is for anyone. Bryan Cook of Develop Architecture designed this home, also the president of the Detroit chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects. This 1000 sq ft, two-bedroom home will showcase how 3d printing can offer both customization (with no added cost) and excellent design. Made possible by a grant from MSHDA

The home and wall segments were 3d printed at the Citizen Robotics facility in Southwest Detroit. Take a look at the evolution of the home below, as it goes from concept to artist rendering, to a now fully printed home that is for sale:

Look At The Evolution of Detroit's First 3D Printed Home

The home and wall segments were 3d printed at the Citizen Robotics facility in Southwest Detroit 

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