It may not seem like it, but gas prices are overwhelmingly down from where they've been in the past few years. AAA just released their reports, and show that not only are prices down in Michigan, but all over the country in general.

All of this at the end of summer, and beginning of fall, when prices should honestly still be relatively high due to demand.

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AAA is reporting the current national average for Regular grade gasoline is at $3.83 a gallon. The Highest recorded average was last June at more than $5 per gallon, indicating a drop of more than a dollar.

Ironically, the average price of gas is up from just a month ago across the country by a few cents.

But not in Michigan

Michigan gas prices dropped nearly 7 cents in the past week to just $3.65 on average for a gallon of regular unleaded. It's only down a penny from last month, but amazingly, it's down 24 cents from this time last year.

AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland spoke on the drop in price.

"Despite the slight increase in demand, Michigan motorists are seeing lower prices at the pump. Higher gas demand, alongside elevated oil prices, could reverse this downward trend."


In fact, Michigan ranks alongside states like Florida, Oklahoma, and Kansas with some of the cheapest rates in the entire country right now.

But it could be short-term as prices of crude oil are nearing $100 per barrel. And as Woodland said, an increase in demand with increased prices will ultimately bring it back up. But overall, we're much better off than we were a year ago.

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