There's a new book out called "Nuclear War - A Scenario," written by author Annie Jacobsen, who has effectively become the new Tom Clancy in novel writing. Clancy's novels were great at making you FEEL like you right in the thick of a real military event, because he had insider knowledge of government dealings in certain scenarios.

Jacobsen apparently has similar contacts, and her new book is shedding some light on what COULD happen, really, if her fictional story, became a reality. And Michigan could be right in the middle of it.

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Nuclear War - A Scenario's Story

In Jacobsen's novel, the story revolves around a crazed North Korean Leader who launches two nuclear missiles at America. But they aren't shot over the Pacific Ocean to the west, they're actually fired to the North, crossing over Russia, the North Pole, and Canada.

During their flight, Russia sees them on radar, and thinks THEY are being attacked, and from there, it's all-out nuclear war.

Jacobsen's Intel On Nuclear Scenarios

While the story is fictional, Jacobsen's source material for real-life scenarios are actually from President Barack Obama's cabinet from when he was in the Oval Office. She claims, that if someone would launch a nuclear attack on the U.S., "The President would have six minutes to react to that initial action."

In the case of her scenario in the book, Illinois would be a prime target, hence why the missiles would be flown over the North Pole, rather than across the oceans. Chicago is a MAJOR hub in the U.S., and actually there is a presidential bunker in southern Illinois.

However, that wouldn't be the only state affected, clearly.

Michigan Would Feel the Effects

In her book, those two missiles were aimed at Illinois, and a nuclear explosion of the type she describes in the book would be cataclysmic to Michigan as well. Detroit serves as another major hub in the U.S. It's a direct connection to one of our strongest allies in Canada, and is one of the top production cities in the country. Not to mention, it's access to all of the Great Lakes for shipping and distribution is pivotal.

Michigan also has MAJOR resources in the Upper Peninsula, including ores, and lumber. Our proximity, and placement to where Jacobsen says the missiles would be fired - Illinois - is close, but a likely "second volley" could include Michigan.

The good thing is, Michigan is big. It's the 11th largest state in the country, and as we all know, is split into two parts. One missile wouldn't be enough to cripple Michigan, much like she claims would happen to Illinois in her novel.

SHOULD a nuclear attack happen, It would take 2-3 strategic shots to cripple Michigan, likely in Detroit, somewhere in the western part of the state, and in the U.P. However, FEMA released a map showing dozens of potential strike points in the state, including several crossing points on the Great Lakes, and multiple power plants.

Michigan Nuclear Attack

The other good thing, is, Michigan has plenty of space to go. Depending on the types of nuclear weapons that were used, assuming they were fired into mostly inhabited areas, MOST of our population lives in the bottom third of the lower peninsula. Areas "Up North" would likely be minorly affected.

The people of Michigan are strong, and would figure it out. We might be cut off from the rest of the country for a bit after scorching the lower third of the state, and likely losing some key crossing points across the Great Lakes... but we'd figure it out.

Bottom line... no, we wouldn't be wiped off the map... we'd just be left to our own devices for long enough, that we'd come out of it stronger, and more feral than they could have ever imagined. LOL

Read Jacobsen's novel now, and listen to the podcast below where she talks about the real intel she's gathered for it.

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