The Gordie Howe Bridge in Detroit will soon be completed. Day by day, it get closer and closer to making another connection between Michigan and Canada, and right now, it's only a matter of laying a few beams, and pouring some concrete and asphalt before the two sides are connected for the first time.

But some people took a look at the gap between the two sides, and thought it might look a bit familiar... like maybe from the movie "Speed," starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves from 1994. Rumors began to swirl, with a revitalization in many of Keanu Reeves' previous film series, would he be coming back for another installment of "Speed," and would the "jump" scene be filmed over the Gordie Howe?

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A viral post from the Wayne County Wire put the rumor into great detail.

"The highly anticipated action blockbuster, 'Speed 3: Full Throttle,' is set to film pivotal scenes on the Gordi Howe International Bridge before its final segments close."

The post goes on to describe, in great detail, how the production team was excited to shoot on location, attributed quotes to production members, directors, and even gave a release date for the movie.

There's just one problem, though... There is not plans for a "Speed 3: Full Throttle," and every bit of what they posted is fake, except for the part where the bridge is almost finished.

Yeah, the Wayne County Wire struck again with its Michigan-centric satirical posting. Think of them as the Michigan version of The Onion.

They even said Keanu Reeves was returning, and the movie would introduce new characters played by Zendaya, and John Boyega.

It's too bad, because honestly, the movie sounds pretty cool. But the chances of it happening in Detroit, and Windsor, Canada for that matter, are slim to none, as by the time they'd get a production team rolling on something like this, the bridge would likely be finished.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge is expected to be connected for the first time by the end of this year, and open to traffic in 2025.

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