Obviously the country is on Eclipse Watch: 2024 right now, and literally, people from across the country are traveling to parts of the Southwest, and Midwest to witness a total solar eclipse for the first time since 2017. Before then, the last one was in 1979.

So yeah, they're a big event when they happen, and good news is, Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan will be ground zero for a future solar eclipse in the United States. The bad news is, you might have to wait a while.

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For the state of Michigan, it's been nearly 100  years since a total solar eclipse even touched state lines. In 1925, a total eclipse crossed directly over Michigan - both peninsulas - in totality right around 9 a.m. Here we are 99 years later, and a VERY tiny sliver in southeast Michigan will be the only land within our borders to experience totality.

But have no fear, Michigan will have another shot at an upcoming eclipse, and in fact, southwest Michigan will take the brunt of it, with totality soaring right over Kalamazoo.

Problem is, it's not until 2099.

Yeah, September 14, 2099 is the next time Michigan will see a total eclipse, and it will fall dead center on Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo 2099 Total Solar Eclipse

Something very unique about this solar eclipse, though, is there are two cities, including one in Michigan, that haven't seen totality for a VERY long time - Madison, Wisconsin, which hasn't seen totality since 1379; and Grand Rapids, Michigan, which hasn't seen a total solar eclipse since April 18, 1558. And at that time, we weren't even Michigan yet.

So a lot to look forward to in Michigan, and SURELY medical advances will be large enough by then we can still live to see it. If not, just leave a note for the kids and grandkids I guess.

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