The topic of sexual desires and fetishes is a touchy subject, and I am no kind of person to judge anybody based on what they like to do in the bedroom, but some people like to take it to the next extreme and live out those desires in public, which is what one man Seemed to do over the weekend as he spent his holiday, sucking toes at Firekeeper casino hotel.

That’s right over the weekend at Firekeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek, a man who was wearing a dog collar with a strong leash attached to it was being controlled by a woman who is sitting at a slot machine at Firekeepers Casino, multiple people took photos and videos of him, sucking her toes and worshiping her feet while sitting on the ground. As you can imagine, the public absolutely went crazy over this.

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People thought this was everything from a dare to supporting the woman, saying that she should be left alone to make her money, insinuating, that this was something the man paid to do.

Regardless of the situation, it drew a lot of attention and there is no word yet if the two people were removed from fire keepers, or if security, asked them to stop participating in the public worship of her feet, but a short video uploaded in the original post, shows what appears to be a manager coming to an agreement with the two, as she has seen giving a thumbs up and saying thank you to him.

Shout out to both of them for literally living their best life in Battle Creek

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