Spring brings storms to Michigan and the rest of the Midwest, and unfortunately, the number of severe storms, and even tornadoes have been on the rise in recent years. It's important to go over your storm plan should something happen.

But while planning your safety routes, and plan, you should also know that there are several storm myths and rumors out there that are completely baseless, and could actually cost you valuable seconds when you're running for shelter. Also, some of them are just dumb

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Growing up, I was always told if a tornado was coming, that you could potentially save the windows, and the house by opening the windows to equalize the pressure in the house. Also, we were taught to hide in the southwest corner of the basement, because storms would blow any debris away from that corner.

Turns out... those are fake. So it got me wondering, what other myths there are about storm season I should know about?

Seven Storm Myths You Need to Unlearn

Pics From the July 2023 Hail Storm in Davison, Michigan

Numerous residents and businesses reported extensive damage from a vicious storm that dumped large hail on the Davison area on July 20, 2023.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre