Drug overdoses account for an unfortunately high amount of deaths in the state of Michigan. On college campuses, drug use sadly remains high as many students use their new-found freedoms to experiment some, which could include using drugs for the first time.

With rising drug overdoses, the use and need of Narcan in a quick situation has become more important, and now students on Western Michigan's campus will have much quicker, and easier access to the overdose preventative.

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Western Michigan University announced in January they would be placing easily-accessible amounts of the Narcan nasal spray with AED devices for emergency situations that might involved a drug overdose. This will be implemented on the main, Parkview, Battle Creek Aviation Education Center, and Grand Rapids campuses.

This week, the plan was implemented.Officials also said all doses were administered by the State of Michigan.

The overdose preventer, also known as naloxone, specifically targets counteracting prescription medications, heroin, and fentanyl, which can be laced with drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

NARCAN on WMU Campus

For those worried about security of the Narcan, because they're stored with AED devices, once the emergency door to access it is opened, campus police will be immediately alerted, and dispatched to the location.

This is all part of Western's harm reduction and mental health support efforts, which they have been growing for several years.

How Does The Public Feel About Easy Access to Narcan for Western Michigan University Students?

It's unfortunate that some people will see something that is meant to help people, and either abuse it, or shame the people in need of it. When WWMT posted their original story, they received at least one comment of a person who understands.

"I hope all of those who angry (reacted) this post realize not all Overdoses are done on purpose. For example the elderly person who read their prescription bottle wrong. Narcan isn't just for the drug addicts."

Sadly, though, many more believed students who do develop recreational habits would abuse and steal the Narcan, just so they can get high without repercussions. Some even said it shouldn't be there at all, and.. "It's all about choices. Let natural selection do its job. (Shrug emoji). Survival of the Fittest."

Keep in mind, this person is talking about college kids, and just allowing them to die.

Thankfully, the majority of reactions seem to be at least mildly understanding, however the lack of understanding around drug use, overdoses, and the perils of addiction seem to be unfortunately rampant.

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