Yes, just like Santa Claus, Al Capone seemed to be least in Michigan. It's getting so it's hard to believe that any or all of these rumors are true, but we gotta go with 'em, right?

Doing research on this Capone Michigan Hideaway, it seems there are quite a few who are familiar with this place and believe the authenticity of the rumor. The location is a beachfront house on Lake Michigan in Frankfort – on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Main Street, to be exact.

So what was Capone doing here, of all places?
Enjoying the beach? Sure.
Hiding from the cops? Of course.
Supplying illegal alcohol? Probably.
But the legend and/or rumor also states that Capone and his pals came here on weekends to get away from all his “business dealings” and have fun...that means plenty of girls, swimming, games, food, and drink for everyone. Furthermore, according to Life in Benzie County, it's said that this was the place where the gang's pregnant girlfriends would come to secretly give birth to their out-of-wedlock babies.

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Capone made sure tunnels were dug out that led to many of the businesses that were close by, especially to a hotel called The Yeazel House and re-named The Inn (the owner, Joe Oberlin, was said to be a close friend of Capone's). The tunnels were the gang's escape route when necessary  - but don't go looking for 'em; they've all been filled in. The hotel is now known as The Hotel Frankfort.

Take a look at the gallery below to see inside this brick house that is believed to be Al Capone's beachfront weekend getaway.....and private maternity ward.

Al Capone's Beachfront Getaway: Frankfort


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