WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

This empty, deserted high school is completely trashed...but it just happens to be one of the most colorfully trashed, debris-laden abandoned buildings I’ve ever seen. It just happens to be Flint’s oldest school: Flint Central High School, which closed for good in 2009.

The school originated in 1875 - and 48 years later (1923), moved into this current building.

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Since 1928, the school mascot was an Indian; then, in 2001, Flint’s Board of Education got rid of any school mascots that had some kind of connotation with Native Americans. The most glaring example of this is when the mascot of Pierce Elementary School’s mascot was eliminated. The mascot? An arrow. Even though the arrow was in reference to the automobile ‘Pierce Arrow’, not a Native American, it was eliminated anyway.

Flint Central High was known for its theater program, which ran from 1976-2006. Many stage productions were produced and well-received; in fact, the program was named one of the top six in the United States. The program was even featured on the Disney “Encore” series.

Even so, enrollment and attendance were down significantly by the early 2000s. On top of that, it was getting too expensive to keep up maintenance. The age of the building was taking its toll and costs of renovation were too much. In April 2009, the Board voted to permanently close the school. The last day was June 11 – then that was that.

Take a look at how the insides look: vandalized, looted, trashed, spray-painted graffiti in every room...it’s a sight to behold...

Abandoned Central High School, Flint


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