There are times that I stop and go, I need to head to the store to grab some groceries. What store pops into my head first of all?

Target! Weird, I know right? However, they're honestly turning into a great place to get your day-to-day necessities. But they just recently rolled out a new rule, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

Target Rolling Out New Role At Michigan Locations

I have to say that one of the things I enjoy the most about going to stores, is bagging my own groceries. No shame to the person working at the cash register, as I used to do that at one point myself, however, I just prefer my alone time at the store.

However, expect that to change in ways at Target.

Target Will Now Close On Thanksgiving Every Year
Scott Gilbertson/Target

Target, just announced that they would be making some changes to their self-checkouts, which include limiting the amount of items you can scan down to 10, instead of however much is in your cart.

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This is one of those moments where someone else ruined all the fun for us, as this is in action to partial shrink... shrink is the result of when someone doesn't scan all the items in their cart, and walks out the door without paying for those items.

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In Menards alone, one which resides in Michigan, there are some odd thefts that take place, some of which were not intentional. Here are some of the examples of some things that have been taken from the store:

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Before rolling this out nationally, it was tried at 200 different stores across the nation, and did notice a lessen in products walking out of the door without being paid for.