When I think of romance, I usually think of dinner at a lovely restaurant, or better yet, making dinner together at home while enjoying some music and a bottle of wine. I don't, however, typically think of casinos.

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Casinos don't necessarily strike me as the place for romance. The chance to hit big or lose it all... sure. The place to take in a nice show or a concert, yeah, that too. The one exception to the rule is, of course, eloping and getting hitched in Las Vegas.

But it turns out that casinos may be way more romantic than you or I may have thought of.

Casinos.com—The Trusted Guide to Casinos in the USA—keeps tabs on the 100s of casinos across the United States. And while casinos might be synonymous with romance, Casinos.com found that love was still in the air for some destinations.

Most Romantic Casinos in America

Things like weddings, honeymoons, and anniversary celebrations happen at the casino. It's those keywords and more that Casinos.com sought out when determining the most romantic casinos.

Casinos.com scoured tens of thousands of reviews among "30 of the US's most visited and reviewed casino establishments, including many locations outside of Vegas." From there, they looked for these keywords:

  • romantic
  • proposal
  • proposed
  • wedding
  • engaged
  • married
  • marriage
  • honeymoon

Here's where those 30 casinos stack up;

Nevada reigns supreme with three Las Vegas casinos holding down spots number one, two, and three. However, right after that are two Michigan casinos!

Most Romantic Casinos in Michigan

Coming in at number four;

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant

Photo via GoogleMaps
Photo via GoogleMaps

Out of 1,321 reviews, 41 of them mentioned romance, giving Soaring Eagle a "Romance Percentage" of 3.1%.

Coming in at number 5;

MGM Grand Detroit in Detroit

Google Maps
Google Maps

Out of 2,603 reviews, 78 of them mentioned romance, giving MGM Grand a "Romance Percentage" of 3%.

So the next time you're planning a romantic evening out, don't forget to check out two of the most romantic casinos in America.

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