One of the most interesting Lansing homes hit the real estate market this past summer.

Unique Zillow Listings

You might recall this house hitting Zillow back in June. Mostly because it doesn't look like your typical bungalow or ranch. Instead, it looks like a spaceship.

Stacie P Neros Keller Williams Realty Lansing-East
Stacie P Neros Keller Williams Realty Lansing-East

As you can see, I wasn't kidding. It looks like aliens crash-landed their UFO in Lansing and left it there to be taken over by nature.

Since June, this unique Lansing home has found a couple of buyers who are excited about the journey they're about to embark on with remodeling this home.

Spaceship-Looking House For Sale in Lansing

This is 1633 E Clark Road in Lansing. This home is truly out of this world and according to WILX News 10, it's now owned by Jennie Shire and Sam Postema.

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Jennie and Sam moved in at the end of August, and they're very much ready and looking forward to giving this fixer-upper some TLC.

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They have some experience in the kind of housework that's going to be needed. And although they will be making some changes, they plan on staying true to the builder and original owner's vision.

What's really cool is that Jennie and Sam plan on taking us along with them on their DIY journey.

They've set up a TikTok page, @lights.landing, so that we can keep an eye on their progress. They've already made some changes. Check out one of the videos below. Plus, check out pictures of the inside in the following gallery.

This Lansing Home For Sale Looks Like a Spaceship

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