If you're looking to make sure to provide your kids with a quality education, there are a handful of Michigan towns where you wouldn't want them going to school.

The school ratings website Niche has revealed 22 towns in Michigan where public schools receive a "D" rating. Spoiler alert: the website doesn't give F's, so read into that what you will.

Photo via leekris
Photo via leekris

How Does Niche Rate Schools?

Niche looks at a wide variety of criteria before assigning letter grades to individual school systems. Academic offerings such as gifted/talented programs or advanced placement (AP) classes are considered, along with student-teacher ratios. School systems are rated on their academic performance, the quality of their educators, how diverse they are as a district, and the quality of their athletic programs.

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Where Are the Lowest-Rated School Districts in Michigan?

The 22 Michigan towns whose schools are rated either D+, D, or D- by Niche are spread throughout the state geographically. Some are concentrated around the state's more urban areas, such as Detroit. There are a couple in Michigan's thumb region, several in northern Lower Michigan, and a pair in the Upper Peninsula. There are also several poorly rated school districts clustered together in southwestern Michigan. Still a couple more are located in rural locations in the state's southernmost tier of counties.

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The racial makeups of the poorly performing school districts are varied. However, the worst districts do tend to be in areas with lower-than-average income.

Take a look and see if your town's schools are among the 22 worst in Michigan.

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