The next time you need to fuel up and have a craving for Chinese food, you can accomplish both at this gas station/Chinese restaurant located in West Michigan. Seriously, you can fill up your tank and walk out with a Kung Pao Chicken.

People always say you should stay away from gas station sushi, which is sound advice. However, at this Shell gas station in Holland, Michigan, you're not buying from the gas station itself.

Mr. You Chinese Food has a couple of locations in Holland but the one creating the biggest buzz is located inside a Shell gas station shopping plaza. It's not your typical spot for a Chinese restaurant.

According to Only in Your State, people rave about the portion size from Mr. You, while others say that the food is some of the best Chinese takeout they’ve ever had.

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While it may seem a little odd to see a Chinese restaurant inside a gas station, it's something that's slowly becoming more and more common. I've seen this with McDonald's, Long John Silver's, A & W, and more. This is the first time we've seen a full-blown Chinese restaurant though.

Where is Mr. You Chinese Located?

Mr. You Chinese can be found at 363 Sout River Avenue in Holland.

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

I'd be a little concerned if the person behind the counter handling gas and cigarette purchases was also whipping up my Ta-Chien Chicken. However, that's just not the case; both businesses are separate from one another.

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