Who remembers walking into Flint's Dort Mall and seeing Charlie, the giant fish?

Before 2020, Charlie was the first thing you would see as you entered the Dort Mall. The famous pacu would swim laps 24/7 in his 250-gallon aquarium. While it was a large tank, it seemed relatively small compared to Charlie's massive size.

In late 2020, we told you that Charlie was being relocated to Ohio Fish Rescue and would be placed into a 3,000-gallon tank.

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On May 20, 2024, we got an update on Charlie from the crew at Ohio Fish Rescue. They said people wanted updates on the once-popular Flint fish. After sharing a recent photo of Charlie on Facebook, nearly 300 people commented on the update.

Facebook user:

So happy to see where he went. I have been visiting Charlie since I was a young teen. Took my daughter there to see him since she was tiny. We miss him but are happy to hear he moved to a much larger tank and has friends now. You guys are awesome.

Facebook user:

Omg, he looks so much happier. As someone who used to frequent the Dort mall and spend hours at his tank watching him, I was so relieved when you guys came and rescued him. Thank you for all that you continue to do for all these wonderful aquatic creatures.

According to Ohio Fish Rescue, Charlie may find his forever in the near future.

"Word on the street, depending on how his health is at the time. He may go back to a new public aquarium up in Michigan. Will make the call closer to doors opening."

We're happy to hear that Charlie is still alive and healthy.

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