Before you start putting together your summer travel plans, a very popular Northern Michigan trail will be closed this summer. It probably won't screw up your plans too much but if it's on your Michigan bucket list, it'll have to wait until next year.

Visitors travel from all over to hike some of Michigan's most scenic trails. However, there is one that will be off-limits this summer.

If you're planning a trip to Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore this summer, take note that the Old Indian Trail and its surrounding area within the National Lakeshore are closed due to the presence of invasive hemlock woolly adelgid.


According to WDIV, this invasive pest has the potential to cause the death of hemlock trees within a mere four years. By accessing the tree's nutrients at the base of its needles, the insects effectively starve the tree. During the fall and winter seasons, the adelgids shield themselves with a protective white, waxy coating, resembling tiny wool bundles at the base of hemlock needles.

Why You Should Avoid Old Indian Trail

The trail will be closed to slow the spread and for treatment.

The invasive species can spread by wind, on wildlife, and via humans on clothing, vehicles, and by moving firewood.

Old Indian Trail closed in March and won't reopen until the fall.

The good news is there are several other hiking trails to try this summer in and around Sleeping Bear Dunes.

  • Empire Bluff Trail
  • Dune Climb Trail
  • Sleeping Bear Point Trail
  • Pyramid Point Loop
  • Pyramid Point Trail
  • Treat Farm Trail
  • Alligator Hill
  • Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

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