TGI Fridays has been a household name in America for decades but as of recent years, the company behind the once-popular restaurant has faced challenges in maintaining its relevance in the market.

While known for its casual dining experience, at one time, TGI Fridays was the go-to spot for singles to gather and mingle. We must also credit them for popularizing the oh-so-tasty, loaded potato skins.

TGI Fridays had over 1,000 locations worldwide at its peak, with the majority of those being in the United States. Now the company has just over 200 restaurants left in the U.S.

USA Today says the nearly 60-year-old chain recently closed 36 underperforming locations in 12 states.

Those states include:

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Connecticut
  4. Florida
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Maryland
  7. New Hampshire
  8. New Jersey
  9. New York
  10. Pennsylvania
  11. Texas
  12. Virginia

You may have noticed that Michigan wasn't on the list. Do TGI Fridays still exist in the state? I can't remember the last time I ate at TGI Fridays, much less drove by one.

TGI Fridays Locations in Michigan

Sadly there are only four TGI Fridays locations left in Michigan.

  • Saginaw
  • Grand Rapids
  • Southfield
  • Grandville

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Over the years, the company has faced a bit of controversy including an incident in 2017 when 17 locations owned by The Briad Group were raided by authorities. They found that the bars were replacing premium brand alcoholic beverages with lower-cost brands yet charging patrons for the more expensive liquor.

If you ever wanted to know what it was like visiting a TGI Fridays in 1986, just check out the video below.

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