Not every Airbnb stay is a pleasant one especially when the house you're staying at has a colony of Michigan brown bats living in the Attic.

A group of women were celebrating their 50th high school reunion in Northern Michigan over the summer when they found themselves in a real-life horror movie.

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According to WDIV, a lawsuit filed by Marko Law on behalf of seven women claims the group rented an Airbnb in Alpena on July 26, 2023. Everything was fine until the third night of their stay. That's when all hell broke loose.


A couple of the women started freaking out and screaming as they noticed something flying around their bedroom. It wasn't long before more bats started to appear and quickly filled the stairwell.

Were Any of the Women Attacked and Bitten by the Bats?


The complaint says some of the women were bitten by bats, while others were struck by flying bats in the home. The women were instructed to undergo a series of rabies vaccinations, as a precaution.


Did They Call An Exterminator?

According to the lawsuit, they called an exterminator who found a massive colony in the attic of the Airbnb. There were so many bats that the floor of the attic was covered with several inches of bat guano (poop). There was also bat urine running down the walls of the basement.

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How Did the Owners of the Airbnb Not Know About the Bat Colony?

The lawsuit is alleging that Airbnb “negligently allowed the bat-infested home to be advertised on its platform and that the homeowners and those in charge of maintenance had a responsibility to ensure that the home was safe when renting it.”

The next time you rent an Airbnb you might want to check the attic before falling asleep.

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