Michigan has its share of weirdly named places & things, like Hell, MI or Snake Island. What about Big Beaver Road at Exit 69 in Troy, MI?  You get the idea.

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The weirdness doesn't stop in city, island or road names. It also extends to our nearly 63,000 inland Michigan lakes, too. We'll show you the strangest lake names and where they're located, below.

How many inland lakes does Michigan have?

  • To be exact, 62,798 with a surface area of at least .10 acre or larger according to Lake and Watershed Management.
  • Over 1,300 square miles of inland lakes... about 1.3% of Michigan's total area.
  • 11,037 inland lakes are 5+ acres in size
  • Houghton Lake is the largest inland lake with over 20,000 acres.
  • Torch Lake is the largest lake with water volume at 285 feet maximum depth.
  • Some inland homes even have their own peninsula.

What are the weirdest lake names in Michigan?

Considering Michigan is two peninsulas and hundreds of Islands, there's no doubt you'd run out of "normal" lake names. "Grass Lake," "Long Lake," "Devil's Lake," "Deadman or Dead Man's Lake" are all names used several times in the state.

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The thing is... the names get weirder than those and they're located all over the state. "Asylum Lake" or "Little Crotched Lake" are maybe the oddest, IMO. "Crystal Lake" might be the most top of mind for people because of 'Friday the 13th."

Pure (creepy, weird, strange) Michigan at its finest.

Michigan Lakes With Weird or Creepy Names

Lakes Around Michigan with Names that Sound Strange, Creepy or Like a Horror Movie
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