Warm weather is upon us!

I do not know about you but I could not take any more snow or cold windy weather!

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We love a good 60 to 70 degrees!

It just happens to be the perfect weather to grab some ice cream so here are the top choices I would recommend.

5. Furniture City Creamery

With more than 65 flavors, you are bound to find a new favorite every time you visit.

According to Furniture City Creamery, they make over 100 gallons of ice cream from SCRATCH every week during the summertime.

If you are a major fan of ice cream, you can take one of their ice cream-making classes.

4. Pinkie's Ice Cream & Desserts

As the name claims, it is a true wonderland of ice cream, desserts, and PINK!

With 30 different ice cream flavors, you can always try a different one every single time. There are even have specialty treats like their Donut Sundae.

Plus, if you need Pinkie's at an event, they have a vintage ice cream truck!

3. Jersey Junction Ice Cream Parlor

Get transported back in time (in a good way) when you visit Jersey Junction!

It gives old-fashioned malt shop and ice cream parlor vibes that Willy Wonka may fight about.

Besides their ice cream, if you are a fan of jawbreakers and candy canes, you will also find a new love for Jersey Junction.

2. Love's Ice Cream and Chocolate

If you have ever been inside The Downtown Market, you know I could not leave Love's off of the list.

From their ice cream to vegan gelato and baked goods, all of Love's ingredients come from right here in Michigan.

They even have a coffee ice cream that they source from Madcap!

The best part is...it is open all year round!

Last but certainly not least, sitting at the number one spot is...

1. Frosty Boy

I would get chewed out if I did not put this on the list or the top spot for a good reason.

I know I would never hear the end of it from Laura Hardy, who is Frosty Boy's number-one fan!

Besides their soft serve, Frosty Boy also has gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options for ice cream, cakes, shakes, and flurries!

With a review like this, why would you not go to Frosty Boy? Kyle says that Frosty is

"definitely worth the wait, and it's quite likely you're going to wait as this is one of the two most popular ice cream places in Grand Rapids...The ice cream lives up to the vibe, with almost too many flavors to choose from."

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