With the weather not understanding the assignment yet, you are probably daydreaming about your next summer paradise vacation.


I know I am!

Simply waiting for the warmer months to take me away to a secret place, in the words of Natasha Bedingfield.

*Cue Pocketful of Sunshine*

With all of the planning, you are probably thinking about the long and uncomfortable flight to wherever your destination is.

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You can be thinking you can bring a little something something, a drink perhaps, to take your mind off the fact that you are thousands of feet in the air for 5 hours.


Before you decide to bring your favorite tequila or other spirits on the plane, take a gander through this article.

Can You Bring Your Own Alcohol & Drink It On A Flight In Michigan?

Well...yes...but no. Let me explain!

According to TSA, you can in fact bring alcoholic beverages for sure in your checked luggage. Depending on the airline, you can bring alcoholic beverages if it is less than or equal to 3.4 ounces or 100 ml.

"Alcoholic beverages with more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol are limited in checked bags to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) per passenger and must be in unopened retail packaging. Alcoholic beverages with 24% alcohol or less are not subject to limitations in checked bags. Mini bottles of alcohol in carry-on must be able to comfortably fit into a single quart-sized bag."


Now do not think that you can bring any alcohol that is over 140 proof because you are absolutely out of your mind!

"Alcoholic beverages with more than 70% alcohol (over 140 proof), including grain alcohol and 151 proof rum."

Before you get even more excited that I said you can bring small bottles in your checked bag, I hope you know they have to stay in the bag during the flight.

So while the answer is yes to bringing alcohol on the plane, the answer is no to actually being allowed to drink it.


The FAA regulations say that passengers are not allowed to drink any alcohol while the plane is in the air UNLESS they get it from a flight attendant.

So if you need a little liquor courage during the flight, you may want to get your wallet ready for the chunk of change you will have to hand over.

If you want to know, what else you can and cannot bring, the list is here.

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