Goodbye Disney+.

Right now, Disney+ costs $7.99 a month for ads or $13.99 a month for an ad-free. However, new changes are coming to the streaming platform.

Many users are not going to like this one bit.

What Is Changing With Disney+?

All current Disney+ users will get an email from the company you may not want to see.


Like Netflix, Disney is now cracking down on people sharing their passwords to their accounts.

New users will see the changed language saying that password sharing isn't allowed and you could lose your right to service if you do share.

Disney has not explained how it plans on cracking down on password sharing.

This will be going into effect for current users on March 14, Variety says.

Disney CFO Hugh Johnston said,

“As it relates to the opportunity we see on paid sharing, beginning this summer Disney+ accounts suspected of improper sharing will be presented with new capabilities to allow their borrowers to start their own subscriptions.”

According to their data, Netflix added millions of new users after they started cracking down on password sharing.


Netflix also added a $8 fee if you wanted to share your password. Later this year, Johnston says that Disney+ account holders who want to allow access to individuals outside their household will have to pay an additional fee to give them access.

So if you want to keep watching Disney movies, Marvel movies, and Star Wars movies, you might soon have to pay for your own Disney + subscription. Sorry!

How do you feel about the new changes coming to Disney+?

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