When it comes to food from Michigan, what do you actually think of?

When you have people visiting Michigan, where do you take them for a good bite to eat?

According to Food Network, they have found the best of the best.

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Food Network's What To Eat In The Mitten

Food Network says that they have found the best and most quintessential things to eat while in the Mitten State.

"Great Lakes and Better Food."

From the apples to some extremely unique (weird) combinations, Food Network has compiled a list.

"The state of Michigan can call dibs on a variety of native foods, including Traverse City-grown cherries, a bounty of crisp apples and a smattering of Great Lakes fish. But the “mitten” — so called for its mitten-like shape — is also known for putting its own twists on familiar food, including Detroit-style pizza, double-baked rye bread and Mackinac Island fudge. All this and more make Michigan a state with specialties worth sampling, from fingertip to wrist, or from the upper peninsula down to the heart of Detroit."


Besides food, they also mention a few drinks that are prominent in Michigan.

Hello Neighbor Designs
Hello Neighbor Designs

Yes, they mentioned Faygo and Vernors! But there are other drinks that they mentioned that I have never heard of before.

Do you agree with Food Network's list? What things did they leave out?

Scroll below to see the full list of what Food Network says are the best meals, treats, and drinks to get in the entire state of Michigan.

Food Network Says These Are The Best Things to Eat in Michigan. Do You Agree?

Food Network shared what they think are the best foods to eat in Michigan. Do you agree with them?