As a little kid, I begged my mother and Santa for an Easy Bake Oven.

While many six to nine-year-olds love it, maybe we should stay away from them.

Find out why you may want to get rid our your child's Easy Bake Oven ASAP.

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What Happened To This Family With An Easy Bake Oven?

While the last major recall on an Easy Bake Oven has not been since 2007, it may be wise to issue one now.

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A TikTok is going viral after an entire family had to be sent to the ER after being around the child's Easy Bake Oven.

In the five-minute TikTok video, user Steph Murphy shared how the entire evening took a turn for the worse after her husband and daughter plugged in the new Easy Bake Oven.


After the cooking was a fail, her daughter started complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath.

"I got out the pulse ox and checked her oxygen and her oxygen was 89, which is very low. So we went straight to the ER. On the way to the ER, my husband was like actually, ‘I’ve been having a difficulty breathing as well. I thought it was just me, I thought it would pass, but it hasn’t.' I’m like, 'that’s weird that it would happen right away to the two of them.'"

However, the nightmare did not end there. Once the family was at the ER, she and her husband also started having the same symptoms as their daughter.

The father and daughter both showed signs of having "compromised lungs" and pneumonia-like symptoms while Steph - who was not immediately around the Easy Bake Oven - suffered from milder symptoms.

It seems like the Easy Bake Oven was giving off toxic fumes because they did a sweep of the home, which came back all negative for mold, etc.

Will you be getting rid of your Easy Bake Oven?

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