The city of Grand Rapids is foodie heaven. There are so many different options for different cuisines and flavors.

Cities like Detroit, Michigan are also foodie heaven so people are always searching for the best restaurants to eat at.


Pricelist compiled Google searches to see what the top cuisine is for the state of Michigan. The answer may surprise you.

The data examined the search volume for cuisine-related searches in each state over the past 12 months. Different combinations of search terms were used to show the search volume, and the results were then averaged over the past 12 months and then aggregated by each cuisine to determine the most popular food in each state. For example, search terms such as “[cuisine] food”, “[cuisine] food near me” or “[cuisine] recipes]” were used to gather data.

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Top 5 Michigan Cuisines

Sitting at the number five spot is Italian food, thanks to 58,263 monthly Google searches.

Italian food's comforting and universal appeal may be why it is popular in America.

In Grand Rapids alone, TripAdvisor says there are 41 Italian restaurants.


With 78,292 monthly Google searches, I am so happy that Indian food is ranked at number four. I honestly wish it was higher on the list.

Most Indian take-out restaurants allow customers to adjust the spice level of their food to cater to different palates. Besides curry or lentils, another popular aspect of Indian cuisine is street food. This differs region-to-region in India and is becoming more popular in other parts of the world. It is known for its cheap, flavorful, and aromatic dishes made by street vendors.

Coming in the number three spot with 79,252 monthly Google searches is Thai food.

Who doesn't love a good pad Thai or drunken noodles?

Ranked at number two with 139,593 monthly Google searches is Mexican food.

We clearly love a good taco and tequila night in Michigan.

Michigan's Favorite Cuisine/ Takeout Food


With an average of 154,457 searches on Google, Pricelisto says that Chinese is the most popular cuisine in Michigan.

Chinese food is prevalent all over America due to its affordability and comfort while offering new flavor combinations. It is a budget-friendly meal that can cater to different dietary requirements. For example, most meat-based dishes can easily be made vegetarian or vegan by replacing the meat with bean curd (Tofu). America is home to some of the most popular Chinese dishes, ‘Orange Chicken’ and ‘General Tso’s Chicken’, both adaptations of traditional sweet and sour dishes. It is common for Chinese restaurants to adapt to the American palate, which led to the creation of those two dishes as well as the fortune cookie.

Do you agree with Pricelisto?

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