As a kid, I always wanted to make a time capsule for someone in the future to find.

It seems like that has happened in a West Michigan home.

Now, we need to play detective and find the story behind the things left behind.

Time Capsule From The 1900s Found In West Michigan Home

A Reddit user 'MadMelvin' shared their story on the Grand Rapids Reddit page.

'MadMelvin' said that contractors found a time capsule in the walls of their Heritage Hill home.

In the time capsule, 'MadMelvin' and the contractors found the following:

  • a letter addressed to Ruth with a picture of 'Ethel' drawn on it
  • a newspaper titled 'The Wellspring For Young People' from November 1913
  • a torn-up card - "Compliments of Julius A. Friedrich, General Music Dealer"
  • A card for good luck
  • a picture of Jesus
  • a cast iron
  • old marble
  • old domino
  • two hooks

This makes sense since Heritage Hills is full of...heritage!

Contractors found a time capsule in my walls. Heritage Hill area
byu/MadMelvin ingrandrapids

The question that I and a few other Reddit users have is does anyone recognize the names from these letters?

There has to be a story to these papers or they would not have been hidden in the walls of a home.

Reddit User Dr_Sisyphus_22 agrees with me: "It would be amazing if someone does “remember Helen Stuart”, and can tell us more about the people in the letter!"

Chrisda19 shared the same thing: "This is amazing, maybe contact the museum and see if they'll take it as a donation or if they have info on that person. Does the museum even do this? Lol this is just so cool."

I hope that the Grand Rapids History 1960 Facebook page or Grand Rapids Archive reaches out to 'MadMelvin.'

However, I figured that I would help get the ball rolling!

Does anyone know the people in the letter or any information about the things that were found in the time capsule?

I feel like Scooby and the gang are on the case!

You can check out the full Reddit page here.

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