Actor Jeff Daniels and Rapper Big Sean have a message for Detroiters, and all of us really: "There is always hope."

"Hope" is the title of the inspirational video the two narrate, featuring scenes of an empty Motor City.

In the one minute video, they share a powerful message about resilience and positivity during the coronavirus pandemic:

Often times it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. You see a city halted in its tracks. You see it's fighting spirit preparing to roar back. You see empty public venues, quiet displays of heroism, but there is always hope. Yes, we are sheltered in place, but we don't waste our days idly watching the clock. Instead, we do what time does, we keep moving. We keep going. We keep our spirit alive. After all, the Motor City knows better than anywhere: difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Click on Detroit reports the video was shot by three Michigan State University graduates with Blue Racer Productions.

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