Chelsea's Jeff Daniels has always represented the Mitten State well, and Tuesday on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he told a great story and gave my alma mater CMU a shout out!

Jeff told Jimmy that he is asked every spring to give the commencement address at various colleges, despite the fact that he never graduated from Central Michigan University. (Check out the lack of response Central gets from the audience).

So to inspire the students he tells a story about auditioning for a huge role in a movie, and he recalls how everyone lorded over him by mentioning that they went to much better schools, and when he mentioned CMU, they all seemed bored.

But he got that role, in the film 'Terms of Endearment', and it was the big break he needed to start a great career in Hollywood.

The moral of the story -- you can be from anywhere and do well.

Go Jeff!

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