The tightly wound University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh makes his comedy debut Thursday night with a guest shot on the Comedy Central show 'The Detroiters'.

Harbaugh has a cameo on the show which is set in Detroit (and partially filmed there). The show centers around a group of young Motor City residents who work in the advertising industry.

Thursday's episode features Harbaugh encountering the show's main characters while 'fowling', a Michigan centric game that combines bowling and football. The episode was taped at the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck. (Grand Rapids has a Fowling Warehouse location, off 28th Street in Cascade)

During the scene, Harbaugh becomes Harbaugh and blows his top to hilarious results. The episode airs tonight (Thursday, August 9) at 10:30pm on Comedy Central. You can also watch past episodes of the show on their web site.

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