Jim Harbaugh has been trending on Twitter for weeks. Whether he leaves or not remains to be determined, but one thing is sure -- he's gonna be richer.

University of Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh sure knows how to milk the rumor mills.

Ever since his Big Ten Championship season ended, Harbaugh's name has been infecting the sports talk shows and web sites faster than the Omicron virus.

The latest rumor probably has the most credence. Sources are reporting Thursday that Harbs will go to the Las Vegas Raiders if they make a sizable offer. And let's be honest, the Raiders could make Jim the highest paid coach in the NFL without sweating it.

It is the most enticing NFL job. The Raiders made the playoffs with ten wins last season, have solid defense and a serviceable quarterback in Derek Carr.

But will he?

If you remember anything about past Harbaugh job searches, he knows how to work the room.

First of all, Harbaugh by his name alone attracts attention, not only because he's produced wins everywhere he goes, but he also jumps between college ball and the NFL with the dexterity of a frog in an '80s video game.

Regardless of where Harbaugh winds up, the biggest benefactor will be Jim's bank account.

The more his name gets bandied about, the more his stock goes up, and the more a NFL team will have to offer him, and the more h can take the offer back to Michigan to re-do his deal.

You may remember, Harbaugh took a cut in pay at Michigan after the disastrous 2-4 Covid campaign of 2020.

So let the rumor mills grind -- it all benefits Jim, but rest assured nothing will be done until the NFL season ends next month. That's when all the assistants on winning teams will be assessed and interviewed.

Until then, it's all speculation. And big ratings for sports talk.

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