Lake Superior State began offering scholarships for Cannabis Chemistry, which was low hanging fruit for Jimmy Fallon.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in 14 states, it may be time to bury some age old stereotypes concerning people who use it.

This week, Steadfast Labs of Michigan announced that they would be offering scholarships to students who are Lake State's cannabis chemistry program. The program is encouraging further studies into the potential of marijuana to help medical issues such as PTSD and chronic pain.

But to Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, it was just another chance to pull out some standard stoner jokes, which were pretty old school thinking.

I chuckled at a couple of the jokes, but as the bit went on, even the audience, which because of COVID is made up of show staffers, wasn't finding it overly hilarious. I get that they're jokes, so no harm here, but isn't it time to bury the old stereotype of the slacker stoner?

Willie Nelson doesn't exactly seem like a slacker to me. Neither does Snoop Dogg for that matter. They are both prolific stoners, who have achieved success as musicians and entrepreneurs.

Marijuana helps people with pain and anxiety, so let's break it down and see what else it can do. And let's get it taken off the federal Schedule 1 list of narcotics. Please.

And who knows, maybe Spicoli grew up to be a chemist?

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