Kelly Stewart Harcourt, daughter of legendary American actor Jimmy Stewart, submitted a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to Natalie Harp’s speech at the G.O.P. convention Monday night. Harp's speech compared President Donald Trump to Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey, the hero of Frank Capra’s holiday classic It's A Wonderful Life. Read Stewart Harcourt's response to Harp's comparison below:

"Given that this beloved American classic is about decency, compassion, sacrifice, and a fight against corruption, our family considers Ms. Harp's analogy to be the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty," Stewart Harcourt wrote. The excerpt has since gone viral, garnering nine thousand likes in just under three hours. Many Twitter users have voiced their support for Stewart Harcourt, agreeing with her anger and asserting that Trump is much more like the antagonistic banker Mr. Potter. Others have voiced that although Stewart was a staunch Republican, he most likely wouldn't recognize the Trump-era politics at play today.

While it's true that Stewart was playing a character in It's A Wonderful Life, he emulated many of George’s qualities in his personal life as well. Stewart was the epitome of the "American ideal" in the 20th century, embodying morality and family values on and off-screen. He was the first major American movie star to enlist in the Army to fight in World War II. A Boy Scout through and through, Stewart was actively involved in philanthropy throughout his lifetime.

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